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    Headache Ice Pack Head Wrap for Migraine Adjustable Flexible Gel Cold Hot Compress Therapy for Fever Tension Stress Pain Relief

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    Headache Ice Pack Head Wrap for Migraine Adjustable Flexible Gel Cold Hot Compress Therapy for Fever Tension Stress Pain Relief

    Headache Ice Pack Head Wrap for Migraine Adjustable Flexible Gel Cold Hot Compress Therapy for Fever Tension Stress Pain Relief

    Style 1:

    Durable: Gel pouch is made of medical-grade plastic with a soft plush fabric backing, 100% pressure testing, no break, no leakage.

    Easy to carry and use: An essential first aid kit for home. Simply apply gel pack to the affected area to get immediate soothing relief for sinus headaches, fevers, toothaches, bumps or bruises.

    Versatile:Migraine ice pack was designed with a breathable fabric backing, serves as an ice pack or a heating pad that provides custom dual-temperature treatment in a single pack and stay pliable when frozen. The longer application can be achievable by using a gel pack with a fabric side.

    How to use it?
    Hot Therapy ~ Heat in microwave for 10-20 seconds.
    Cold Therapy ~ Freeze for at least 2 hours.

    Suitable for symptoms:

    Headache, Migraine, Tension, Sinus Pressure, Cluster, Occipital neuralgia, Fever, Summer Heat Cooling, Hangovers, Puffy eyes, Sunburn Calming, Stress relief...


    Style 2:

    Head ice pack wrap:(size 29.5" x 4.3") is carefully crafted with soft & durable neoprene with pocket for gel pack insert. The ice pack stays flexible and soft to conform to your head after frozen even at 0°F(-18℃), the ice wrap allows for continuous uninterrupted pain relief. It can be frozen or microwaved.
    Effective Relief:NEWGO head ice wrap provides lasting pain relief for you and helps you ease pain from headaches, migraines, fever, inflammation, swelling, post surgery. Simply apply it to the affected area after a desired hot or cold temperature is reached with the soft gels that came with it.
    Adjustable & Comfortable: The headache ice pack fits to different head sizes due to the soft Velcro tab. But unlike the traditional Velcro tab which easily sticks to the hair, Our head wrap is secured with innovative Velcro closure which doesn't stick to the hair and provides the most comfortable fit.
    Dual Temperature:The ice pack are available for both hot and cold therapy that provides custom dual-temperature treatment, allows twice therapeutic benefits in a single pack. Put the pack in the freezer for 2 hours then take it out and insert it into the sleeve for cold therapy or heat the pack in microwave for 20seconds for hot therapy.

    Style 3:

    Instant Migraine Relief:This headahce ice pack is targeted for relieving head pain, Provides relief from chronic migraine, headaches, muscle swelling, tension, fever, head post-surgery recovery. When you pull it down over your eyes, the cold pack alleviates the puffy eyes as well.

    Thoughtful Design :The headache relief ice hat wrap size is 22" x 5" that not only fit most male adult and also all different head shape. The designed of a V shape hole for better breath and fit nose contours. Head wrap made of premium napped cloth and the lining skin-friendly soft plush fabric provides extra safety and comfort to prevent skin irritation or discomfort during use, and don't worry slip off.

    Adjustable & Hands-free Application:The adjustable velcro designed can secure around head for hands-free application. Ice headache hat can be used sitting, lying down, you are free to move around. The wide sealed edge and high standard pressing technology of the ice pack are reliable to reuse without worrying about gel leakage.

    Hot Cold Therapy: The head ice wrap provide targeted hot or cold therapy for your head or eyes. Freeze the gel pack in freezer for at least 2 hours for cold compress. For hot therapy: place the head wrap in microwave for 10-15 seconds use for hot therapy.


    Use for exercises, sports, and general relaxation. Good for muscle aches and pains, sports injuries, headaches, arthritis, bruises, sprains, strains, knotted muscles, inflammation and tightness, pinched nerve, athletic sports sprains/strains, shoulder and neck pain, lumbar strain, surgery, pre/post-workout.

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