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    -What is Therapeas?

    Therapeas is a reusable therapeutic hot and cold pack for use with common aches,pains,swelling and bruising.

    -Why does Therapeas feel so great on my skin?

    We worked hard to create a product that is durable and also feel great on your skin when you use it. Other products will often be jagged and uncomfortable. Our tech-nology is created for your preferences.

    -Are Therapeas packs re-usable?

    They are re-usable and will last even longer if you treat them well. Keep it away from sharp edges like cat claws.

    -What are the peas made of?

    They are made with proprietary spherical super absorbent polymer 

    -Is the sodium solution safe? Are the packs suitable for children?

    The heal packs are perfect for children, adults and also pets. Sodium acetate is non-toxic. 


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